Thank you Mr. Chairman
Mr. Director General, Ladies, Gentlemen

It is an honor and privilege for me to address, this 102nd (one hundred second) Session of the International Labour Conference, on behalf of Polish Employers Organizations.

Beside the fact that so far Poland has been seen by other countries as a green island, the economic situation in Poland is far from satisfactory. It is predicted that the rate of economic growth in Poland will decrease to 1.8 percent GDP in 2013. Our country is undergoing strong economic crisis, with the rise of unemployment to 14.3% and worstening of economic situation of enterprises.

Economists agree – a big threat to the Polish economy is also the situation in the euro zone. We don`t know which way it is going to resolve. Euroland probably will survive in its current form. However, the recession will be longer than previously expected. To mitigate the effects of the economic crisis, the Polish government and the social partners undertook several of initiatives to it. They want to improve the performance of the business and economy during the crises. The most important solutions concern the labor market and maintaining the jobs. The proposed amendments to the Labour Code relate to flexible working time and changes in work reference periods. It was proposed to introduce the elements of flexible working hours. Some solutions were also associated with the reduction of hourly wages for overtime for small business. For micro enterprises support will come mainly from the Labour Fund, for small and medium from special Anti Crisis Act , and for large – from the new rules of organization and working time.

These solutions have not been accepted by the trade unions. Unions tried to wildhold work on these necessary changes, not understanding that during the crisis the most important is to maintain jobs and stopped the closure of companies.

On the other hand, the government extended to 1 year parental leave from current 6 months. Provision are to be extended from September 2013, allowing maintaining 80% of salary for parents deciding to take 1 year leave. Employers' organizations didn`t support this idea, knowing that it will be difficult for employability. But it is needed to support demography problem in Poland.

To mitigate the negative atmosphere among trade unions in works of the Tripartite Commission the Prime Minister joined to it. Optimistic note for the future of social dialogue in Poland is that not all of trade unions have negative attitude toward government`s legislative proposals, knowing this rules to mitigate the effects of the crisis which are expected by many companies. Employers' organizations affiliated to the Tripartite Commission understand the trade unions to protect jobs, but they have to realize that in the situation of public finances, it will have negative consequences for the state budget. Employers sent a letter to employees and the unemployed, informing them what is important in this uncertain situation, when we are afraid of the future, to seek consensus and dialogue to resolve difficult problems. We believe more competitive will be the Polish economy will be higher demand, low unemployment rate, create the new jobs and stability of demography situation.

Employers' organizations are trying to convince the unions that it is not always necessary to state at firmly positions. We would like to, in the process of social dialogue, solve problems which do not adversely affect the functioning of the labor market. We believe that is the only right way, which will help to develop the best solutions for maximum mitigation of the crisis.

Thank you for your attention.