First of all let me congratulate our newly elected members of the Governing Body. Today we are all celebrating the 100th Session of the International Labour Conference. But first and foremost, the fact is that, for almost a century, the ILO has been upholding the highest standards for human rights and the rights of working people and fighting for the implementation for those standards in diverse communities around the world. Rightly proud of our achievements, we cannot, however, lose sight of the new challenges. As the Director-General stated in his Report, “A new era of social justice”, the world needs a new vision, inspired by the idea of sustainable development, care for our planet and justice. The ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization and the Global Jobs Pact constituted an excellent starting point for attempting to achieve social justice. These instruments not only confirm the benefits of globalization but also call for more efforts to implement the policy on dignified work as a means of achieving better and more equitable benefits for all. They help in shaping policies to stimulate economic recovery to create jobs and to ensure the protection of workers and their families.

Poland, like many other Members of our Organization, recently went through a really difficult period. Guided by the principles of the ILO, and thanks to social dialogue and to our social partners, we did relatively well in the face of the financial crisis, maintaining economic growth. In recent years, many important measures have been adopted in our country in order to facilitate business activities. We are actively participating in the debate on labour administration and labour inspection. We are convinced of its paramount importance for the good governance of labour, sustainable economic development and the effective implementation of labour standards.

With equally great interest, we are following the discussion on social security, as it is our deep belief that there is a pronounced need for access to a basic Social Protection Floor that would at least ensure the level of protection provided by existing Conventions and also promote the gradual improvement of the quality of services. Recently, the most tangible evidence of the rapid and proper response of the ILO to the needs of the changing world and the Organization’s protection of the most vulnerable can be seen in the discussion on domestic workers and the adoption of the documents in this regard.

The ILO has a historic obligation to continue its difficult and rewarding work. I can assure you that we will continue to fulfill Poland’s part in global cooperation for the future of decent work